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Isolation Bunker 15mm 20mm 28mm 32mm Brave New Worlds Wasteworld Gasland Scatter Terrain Terrain D&D Warhammer 40K Pathfinder

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When the 5G chemtrails nuclear plague hit, Crazy Joe had hunkered down in his bunker isolated from the plague of humanity. He had stocked up on canned food, water and guns and was well protected from fallout or zombies with layer upon layer of scrounged junk and trash.

The Isolation Bunker is a building designed for use in tabletop or role-playing games in a post apocalypse or sci-fi setting. Featuring hinged doors and removable roofs.

3.9” L x 2.9” W x 2.1” H at 15mm scale
4.6” L x 3.4” W x 2.5” H at 20mm scale
6.6” L x 4.9” W x 3.5” H at 28mm scale

The isolation bunker comes in multiple parts. Gluing might be required - does not includes other scenery pieces shown in the photo.

They also come unpainted

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Pictures are shown at 28mm scale, and some comes partly unassembled. Custom scales available upon request. - please contact me!

The model is designed by Printable Scenery at

I'm printing under license of Printable Scenery.

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