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Lost Library of Ithillia - Dwarves, Elves and Demons - 15mm 28mm 32mm Wargaming Terrain D&D, DnD, Pathfinder, SW Legion, Warhammer, 40k

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Battered by the elements and barely recognizable, the tomes of Elven lore lie scattered amid the crumbled bricks and snapped timbers.

Trees and shrubs emerge from the steps, and small animals build their homes in the gaps on the rickety shelves. Yet under all the twisted vines and overgrowth, traces of the intricate craft work and elegant curves of the building remain.

Comes in 15mm, 28mm and 32mm scale - choose your size and color, when buying.

The item measures approximately 10.75"x10.5"x11.75" in the 28mm scale, 5.75"x5.5"x6.25" in 15mm, and 12.25"x12"x13.25" in 32mm.

The Lost Library of Ithilia has multiple removable levels - does not includes other scenery pieces shown in the photo.

Lost Library of Ithilia comes unpainted

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Pictures are shown at 28mm scale, and some comes partly unassembled. Custom scales available upon request. - please contact me!

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I'm printing under license of Printable Scenery.

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