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Pyramid of New Eden - 15mm 20mm 28mm 32mm Brave New Worlds New Eden Scatter Terrain Terrain D&D, DnD, Warhammer 40K Pathfinder

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As the explorers delved deeper into the jungle of New Eden they discovered even bigger and grander pyramids.

The Kukulkan Pyramid is a multi-part three level pyramid suitable for fantasy or sci-fi tabletop and role-playing games. It features removable levels, and comes with large, medium and small printer cuts.

Comes in either regular or ruined version - have a look at the listings

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Pictures are shown at 28mm scale, and some comes partly unassembled. Custom scales available upon request. - please contact me!

The model is designed by Printable Scenery at

I'm printing under license of Printable Scenery.

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